Grade Set Up: Final Grade Settings

Utilice la configuración de calificaciones finales para personalizar la forma en que calcula y muestra las calificaciones finales a los estudiantes y sus padres.

To access these options, click Gradebook on the left side of your course, then click Grade Set Up

  1. Select a scale
    • Select Numeric to display the overall score as a percentage. Select A+/- to display a letter grade with the overall score. If you’ve created a custom grading scale for your course, select it in the Scales section of Grade Set Up. Click here to learn more about creating scales.
  2. Round calculated grades (optional):
    • Check Round Period/Final Grades to round the calculated grading period and overall percentages scores up to the nearest whole number. You cannot select this option if you have applied a custom point-based scale to the Final Grade scale in step 1.
  3. Hiding Grades:
    • Hide overall grades from student reports to exclude an overall score from student reports and the students' Grades tab in the course. This may be a suitable option if your school does not report overall grades for the course across multiple grading periods.
    • Hide grading period grade from student reports to exclude grading period scores from student reports or the students' Grades tab in the course. There is not a way to customize which grading period grades you hide or display. 
  4. Override Grades (optional):
    Note: Grades that are manually entered into the override column will not be automatically synced back to your SIS gradebook.
    • Check Override calculated overall grade to add an additional blank overall grade column to your gradebook where you can manually enter an overall score for your students. The override column will appear to the left of the calculated grade column, and is indicated by the yellow pencil eraser icon. Students will only see the score you entered in this column and not their calculated scores. Entering an override grade is optional; the calculated overall grade displays when you don't enter an override.

      Based on the grade data in the screenshot above, Jordan’s overall grade will display as 92 percent on her grade report.
      Since the instructor has not entered a score for Christina in the override column, her overall grade will display on her grade report as the calculated grade — 85.4 percent.

    • Check Override Grading Period Grade to add an override column for each grading period to which your course is associated. When enabled, entering an override grade is still optional; the calculated grade displays when you don't enter an override. Based on the grade data in the screenshot above, Danielle’s grading period grade for Semester 2 will display as 93 percent on her student report. Additionally, that grade is now used instead of her calculated Semester 2 grade to calculate her overall score in the course. Since the instructor has not entered scores into any of the override columns for Katelyn, she will see the scores in the Calculated column in her student grade report.

Note: Hiding a grade is not related to the override function: if you hide the overall grade, the student does not see any overall grade in your course - neither the calculated nor the score you manually entered in the override column is visible when you select Hide overall grades from student reports. This also applies to hiding and overriding grading period grades.

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