Helpful Tips for Tests and Quizzes


At Schoology, we take grades and test data very seriously. At the end of the day, tests and grades are principal tools an instructor has to evaluate student comprehension, progress, and motivation. That’s why we are always on the lookout for any potential issues on the web and mobile versions of Schoology that affect quizzes and grades.

Occasionally, we hear reports from instructors or students of test answers “ changing” between the time the student takes and submits an assessment. Our team continuously undergoes extensive research and validation. Rest assured - we have never found anything indicating a Schoology defect that would cause answers to change.

There are some common mistakes and settings that may lead individuals to believe that their answers were changing or appearing to change. Below are some steps you can take to prevent any potential issues.

Are your students using mobile devices?

If so, note that the touch screen capabilities can be very sensitive. If a student is scrolling down the page, for example, it is important to remind them that tapping the screen close to an answer on a multiple choice or matching question may select that answer. Remind students to scroll carefully when answering questions and reviewing their answers when using a mobile device.

Pagination and Resuming Quizzes

Some instructors find that enabling the 'One Question per Page' option in the Settings tab of your test/quiz can help decrease errors caused by scrolling on a touch screen.

Additionally, it may be useful to set the “Resumable” setting to “yes” to avoid inadvertent or incomplete submissions.

Configuring Your Test/Quiz Settings
To enable these options:

  1. Open your test/quiz
  2. Click Settings along the top
  3. In the Paging drop-down menu, select One question per page
  4. In the Resumable drop-down menu, select Yes
  5. Click Save Changes



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