How do I change my role in Schoology?


Schoology is a role-based platform. The way in which you use Schoology is determined by the role associated with your account, which you selected during the registration process when you were prompted to select InstructorParent, or Student.

Whether you made a mistake while signing up or your reasons for using Schoology have changed, you may need to create an account with a different role. Below are some common scenarios in which you may need to change your role on Schoology:

  • I made a test student account last year to see what Schoology looked like. Now my school is using Schoology and I need to use my account as a teacher. How can I change my account so I can be a course admin?
  • I'm a student but I accidentally signed up as an Instructor. What do I do now?
  • I'm a parent, but I accidentally selected Student or Instructor, and now I can't see my child's grades. What do I do?

There is not a way to switch your own role on an existing account. Instead, you will need to create a new account with the right role.

Additionally, email addresses must be unique across Schoology, which means you can only have one Schoology account associated with a given email address at a time.

If you would like to use the same email address, you will need to delete your existing account and create a new account with the correct role. 

For Free Users

1. Delete your account
Teachers, students, and parents with free accounts can delete their accounts by navigating to while logged into the account they'd like to delete. Deleting an account removes all submissions, resources, and content associated with the account, and neither the account nor the items can be restored.

Click here for additional instructions on deleting your account.

2. Sign up
Follow the links below to find out how to create a new account with your new role.


Enterprise Users
If your current account is within an Enterprise school on Schoology, your System Administrator can change your role for you if you need a different type of account within the same school. 


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