Why do students see a different overall grade than I do?


If some of the materials in your course are Unpublished, your students may see a different overall grade than you do. 

When an item is Unpublished, students are not able to see or access the assignment in the course. They also cannot view their received grade on the specific item. As a result, the overall grade they see will not reflect the grade they received on the unpublished item.

Hover your mouse over a student's Overall grade to see the Published grade in the tooltip.

 Christina Boyd's overall grade is 82.26%. Her published grade is 83.88%.

The Overall Grade you see in the Overall column is the reflection of all graded materials in the course. The Published Grade is a reflection of only the Published materials, and is the grade that the student sees as their Overall Grade when clicking the Grades tab on the left side of the course.

The student's view of his or her Course Grade will match the Published Grade you see in the Gradebook.

When Christina logs into Schoology and clicks on the Grades tab in this course, the Course Grade she sees matches the Published grade in the screenshot above.

To publish or unpublish a specific item, click on the gear icon to the right of the item on your Materials page and select Publish or Unpublish.



If you are unsure which item(s) you have left Unpublished, you can use the Bulk Edit tool in the Gradebook to see and adjust the settings on all of your graded items at once. 

To access the Bulk Edit screen, open the Gradebook and then click on the gear icon along the top. Select Bulk Edit.

Whether an item is Published or Unpublished is indicated by whether there is a checkmark in the column denoted by a green dot. In the screenshot below, "Unit 1 Homework" is Published. "Inertia Pre-Lab" is Unpublished. 

If you want all graded items to be incorporated into the overall grade that is visible to both you and the student, check the box in the Publish column for all items and then click Save. 


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