I tried to link my sections, but I can't click on the section I want to link. What's wrong?


Si utiliza Schoology Enterprise, tienen la opción de vincular las secciones de cualquier curso. La vinculación de las secciones de un curso es una excelente forma de administrar todas las secciones de un curso de manera más eficaz.

This feature must be enabled by your System Admin. If your System Admin has enabled section linking for you, but you are still unable to link certain sections together, it might be because the sections don't meet the necessary prerequisites for section linking.

Para vincular sus secciones:

  • The sections must be within the same Course, and have the same course code.
  • Las secciones deben estar asociadas con el mismo período de evaluación.
  • La inscripción debe ser única en todas las secciones vinculadas. No puede haber superposiciones con los alumnos.
  • Las secciones deben tener el mismo administrador del curso.

If any of these prerequisite are not met, the other section(s) will be grayed out. If you hover your mouse over the grayed-out section, you will see a tooltip explaining the root cause of the issue.



For example, hovering the mouse over the grayed-out section in this screen displays the following issue:


If you have more questions about this feature, click here to learn more about linked sections.

Still unable to link your sections, or confused by the tool tip? Contact our Support Team!



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