August 2015: LEAP Webinar Recording


Los seminarios web de LEAP, Learn (Aprender), Educate (Educar) y Participate (Participar), se llevan a cabo el tercer jueves de cada mes a la mañana y a la tarde. Durante la sesión de 45 minutos, mostramos funciones nuevas y próximas, escuchamos a los oradores invitados y analizamos las tendencias con nuestros clientes Enterprise. Obtener más información



  • Upcoming PowerSchool changes
  • Gradebook Redesign
  • Question-Level Rubrics & Exporting Mastery Reports
  • Overview of NEXT and Open Mic Q + A (Not available in recorded versions)



PowerSchool has recently added the ability to create custom grading categories within the PowerSchool gradebook. Schoology is currently working with PowerSchool on how to incorporate this additional functionality into the integration between the two platforms. In the meantime, teachers can sync as they did last year to default categories. When custom category mappings become available and are applied, the gradebook sync will automatically update all items to new categories if they have changed.

Part 1 - PowerSchool from Schoology on Vimeo.


Gradebook Redesign

We are giving our Gradebook a new look and feel, and adding some new features to make it easier to manage and navigate. The new features include:

  • Tiered grading periods
  • More options to sort grade columns
  • Missing, Incomplete and Except labels
  • A new View menu to help you view materials by labels and submissions
  • A shortcut to view individual submissions right from the Gradebook

Read more in this post from the Schoology blog 

Part 2 - Gradebook Redesign from Schoology on Vimeo.


Question-Level Rubrics & Exporting Mastery Reports

Part 3 - Question Level Rubrics from Schoology on Vimeo.



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