Junio de 2015: Grabaciones del seminario web de LEAP


Los seminarios web de LEAP, Learn (Aprender), Educate (Educar) y Participate (Participar), se llevan a cabo el tercer jueves de cada mes a la mañana y a la tarde. Durante la sesión de 45 minutos, mostramos funciones nuevas y próximas, escuchamos a los oradores invitados y analizamos las tendencias con nuestros clientes Enterprise. Obtener más información




Nuevas funciones

For Instructors

  • We looked at a pre-release version of the new discussions design. Check out detailed information on the Schoology Blog and our detailed Help Center Article.
  • New features are coming to iOS as well - You'll soon be able to grade discussions in context - right next to the discussion comments. Look for this in the next iOS release this summer. See the video below for a preview.

For System Admins

  • Users may now be associated with multiple buildings/schools within your organization. In the past, faculty could teach classes in multiple buildings/schools, but they would only receive updates for one building/school. This will be a big improvement for both faculty and parents who may be associated with several buildings. Check out this article for full details.
  • Reminders:


Próximas integraciones

  • Schoology's Skyward SIS App is due out soon. The Skyward App will support both data provisioning into Schoology and grade passback from Schoology to Skyward. Contact your Account manager or the Client Success team for implementation details.
  • You will soon be able to install apps to specific buildings/schools instead of the entire enterprise. This will be particularly helpful for large organizations that licence apps like TurnItIn for only specific buildings/schools.
  • The upcoming Microsoft 366 integration builds on the functionality supporting SSO and our OneDrive Resource App. Soon you will also be able to turn in assignments directly from Office 365. Keep your eyes out for the details.


Pensar en móvil (Oradores invitados)

  • We ended our session by focusing on the Schoology mobile apps, which are often the centerpiece for students. We are joined by Nichole Carter and Erin Mayer from the Schoology Ambassador community. Nichole talks in detail about implementing a 1:1 iPad program. Erin shares some stories of trailblazing in the BYOD space. Both conversation cover strategy, process, outcomes, and features. 


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