WORKFLOW IMPROVEMENT PLEASE!!!!!!! Ms. Morelli-Baima 6 comments 30 votes None
Feature Request: Attendance in Groups Adam Bledsoe 5 comments 15 votes None
Copy calendar events! Mr. Hyatt 24 comments 41 votes None
Schedule an update/poll/assignment/event David Ayliffe 63 comments 181 votes Answered
Show comment to student as a gradebook setting Bradley Suder (Brad) 9 comments 36 votes None
Rubric Additions Matthew Glass 10 comments 22 votes None
Grade Analytics Matthew Glass 7 comments 28 votes None
Overall Average - Confusing for parents Trisha Underwood 5 comments 13 votes None
Viewing Grades - Recent Dates first! Trisha Underwood 14 comments 14 votes None
Copy/Duplicating Assignments Katharine Ryer 24 comments 58 votes None
Printing Gradebook improvement RITA THORSON 5 comments 14 votes None
Anonymous Comments for Discussion Threads Amy Vorwaller 27 comments 42 votes None
Automatic Badges Benjamin Light 28 comments 116 votes None
Send a message or update to a grading group... Mrs. Cantagallo 29 comments 81 votes None
Group Analytics - Detailed History and other Info\ Mark Davies 14 comments 16 votes None
Synchronization of Folders Charles Dadas 3 comments 11 votes None
Blog - Would love the ability to have my students edit their blog... Matt Perreault 11 comments 20 votes None
Parent Access Codes & Informational Letter Mrs. Berhe 3 comments 26 votes None
Fill-in-the-Blank Directly Mr. Marquardt 6 comments 14 votes None
can I default a zero for work not submitted ? Jim Murray 3 comments 14 votes Answered
Printing rubrics to send home/file Mr. Bortz 23 comments 81 votes None
Past Due reminders for students Mr. Maeda 2 comments 19 votes None
Ability to "Sync All" assignments in the PowerTeacher app Julie Yoon 7 comments 14 votes None
Gradebook Grid Trisha Underwood 9 comments 30 votes None
Attempt Limit on Test/Quiz Matthew Darling 46 comments 110 votes None
Sort by Due Date Newest First in Gradebook Cari Micala 9 comments 15 votes None
Workload Planning, Add "1 or more items" option... Matt Perreault 10 comments 22 votes None
auto save annotations Katharine Ryer 10 comments 22 votes None
Comments Bank for grading Mr. Maeda 1 comment 13 votes None
Live Sync with Power School Jaimee Harvey 9 comments 10 votes None
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