Change profile picture from mobile device Elizabeth Gofman (Liza) 10 comments 29 votes None
Course menu and dashboard TOO LARGE Ms. Kemnitz 9 comments 15 votes None
"Hide" Courses Imported From Student Information System Emily Marshall 9 comments 20 votes None
Schoology New Assessments David Kalk 9 comments 14 votes Answered
An option to change the default font size on tests Traci Schierloh 9 comments 17 votes None
Teacher notifications for missing work submitted Katie Smith 9 comments 40 votes None
Why can't I print a rubric I create (or change size)????? Dan Martinelli 9 comments 37 votes Answered
EMAIL parents (not simply schoology message) Melissa Hughes 9 comments 25 votes None
Removal and Addition of "Schools" Mr. McP 9 comments 26 votes None
Position of new materials -- top instead of bottom Matthew Whittaker 9 comments 13 votes None
Mozilla Open Badges Tim Dearborn 9 comments 15 votes None
Children's Calendar features needed for ease of parent access Immanda Bellm 9 comments 13 votes None
Private Poll Results (for actual voting use) Enrique Gonzales-Moore 9 comments 17 votes None
Set "Show to student" checkbox as default Jason Robertson 9 comments 16 votes None
Sort by Due Date Newest First in Gradebook Cari Micala 9 comments 14 votes None
auto save annotations Katharine Ryer 9 comments 20 votes None
Viewing Grades of Unpublished Assignments in the Gradebook Mrs. Hassenstab 9 comments 20 votes None
can I assign multiple rubrics to the same assignment or quiz? Christy Flack 9 comments 17 votes Answered
Allow student access to view GradeMark/PeerMark Katie Ritter 9 comments 11 votes None
Ability for students to only see and retake questions they missed on a test/quiz Julie Yoon 9 comments 16 votes None
Re-scoring in New Assessment due to mistake in answer key set up Terri Spartz 8 comments 35 votes None
New Assessment is not better than Quiz/Test tool yet Gloria Wood 8 comments 14 votes Planned
Alternate row shading in gradebook Sean Gill 8 comments 29 votes None
Upgraded Grading Features for Schoology Submissions Kristen Franz 8 comments 13 votes None
Multiple files for one assignment Desmond Suarez II 8 comments 4 votes None
Gradebook Request - Missing Assignments Chris Jarrett 8 comments 5 votes None
Self Assessment Rubric for Students Mrs. Maion 8 comments 27 votes None
Re-submitted Assignments Link Frank P. 8 comments 4 votes None
Ability to Delete a Sent Message Thread Leah Jordano-Kudalis 8 comments 5 votes Answered
Button to clear overdue assignments list DEREK CARTER 8 comments 24 votes None
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