Ability to use multiple grading categories for a single graded item Julie Yoon 8 comments 19 votes None
Ability to "Show Work" in math tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 5 comments 15 votes None
Ability to import quizzes from Quizlet or Word files Julie Yoon 11 comments 35 votes None
Group-grading and Group-submission option for project-based work Julie Yoon 14 comments 57 votes None
"Next Question" button when grading tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 14 comments 45 votes None
Ability to see a class average Julie Yoon 16 comments 35 votes None
Make empty Gradebook cells worth 0 points Julie Yoon 14 comments 14 votes None
Student Completion with Due Dates Julie Yoon 48 comments 80 votes None
Evaluation form or Survey feature Julie Yoon 18 comments 58 votes None
Ability to remove an imported calendar Julie Yoon 20 comments 56 votes None
Ability to reorder assignments in the Gradebook Julie Yoon 8 comments 18 votes None
Seating Charts Julie Yoon 8 comments 40 votes None
Repeating Assignments Julie Yoon 3 comments 14 votes None
Add a Bookmark or Peg feature in courses for students Julie Yoon 2 comments 13 votes None
Keep the "Draw" feature enabled on the annotation tool bar Julie Yoon 24 comments 33 votes None
Peer Review Julie Yoon 21 comments 39 votes None
Ability to set default test settings Julie Yoon 37 comments 91 votes None
Recurring Events Julie Yoon 58 comments 85 votes None
Easy way to identify a late assignment from the Gradebook Julie Yoon 0 comments 22 votes None
Student Journal feature Julie Yoon 25 comments 34 votes None
Two-way sync with calendars Julie Yoon 102 comments 204 votes None
Ability to delete assignment submissions Julie Yoon 60 comments 119 votes None
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