Folders: Individually assign DANA SCHRADER 9 comments 34 votes None
Export Comments from Gradebook Jonathan Lyons 9 comments 15 votes None
Reoccuring Items on Calendar Jason Noonan 5 comments 13 votes None
Children's Calendar features needed for ease of parent access Immanda Bellm 9 comments 13 votes None
Private Poll Results (for actual voting use) Enrique Gonzales-Moore 9 comments 17 votes None
Can you move a Grade Column? Rick Biggerstaff 10 comments 33 votes None
Badges DANA SCHRADER 10 comments 33 votes None
Checklist Ms. Chesser 29 comments 29 votes None
Add the Blog Function to the App Doug Bracey 4 comments 13 votes None
Test Import Features Art Searle 18 comments 33 votes None
Assignment Posting Date and Due Date Mr. Parry 4 comments 17 votes None
Advisees Display Automatically Russell Beauchemin 4 comments 11 votes None
Schoology Attendance syncing with PowerSchool? School Admin 4 comments 11 votes None
Need more subject areas Stephanie Donofe 11 comments 17 votes None
Missing Grades Katie Colonel 12 comments 19 votes None
Group Grading Vanessa Wyss 6 comments 14 votes None
Discussion Auto-refresh Rich L. 3 comments 28 votes None
Integrate Notability Heather Yee 18 comments 23 votes None
View Stats Melissa Hughes 1 comment 11 votes None
Automate Badges with Completion Status Scott Kley Contini 5 comments 18 votes None
Rubric Suggestions Jay Goodman 3 comments 12 votes None
Student self-assessment Rubrics Karissa Swanson 27 comments 43 votes None
Gradebook Printouts Ted Kenseth 21 comments 34 votes None
PowerSchool Sync Order Matt Daugherty 3 comments 15 votes None
Language Development for Chinese (Simplified) and Korean Kyle Meythaler 71 comments 64 votes None
Include Student Progress in Course Analytics Extract MaryAnn Powell 0 comments 10 votes None
Add Feedback Feature for Short-answer/Essay Questions Sara Stuever 3 comments 16 votes None
WORKFLOW IMPROVEMENT PLEASE!!!!!!! Ms. Morelli-Baima 6 comments 28 votes None
Feature Request: Attendance in Groups Adam Bledsoe 5 comments 14 votes None
Copy calendar events! Mr. Hyatt 23 comments 36 votes None
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