Mastery Features for Standards Based Grading Tyler Beatty 6 comments 11 votes None
Ability to Delete a Sent Message Thread Leah Jordano-Kudalis 7 comments 5 votes Answered
AutoFill Feature for Rubrics Ms. Zidow 17 comments 24 votes None
Delete Assignment Submissions Rachel Bailey 12 comments 33 votes None
Allow System Administrators to Customize Courses in Parent Email Digest Emily J. Stivers 1 comment 18 votes None
Allowing student account to view all past due assginemnts Brooke Cheng 1 comment 24 votes None
Audio/Video Submissions in Quiz in iOS App Ms. Wallace 21 comments 38 votes None
Print a rubric? Lorraine Kennedy 14 comments 42 votes None
Rubric Printing Angela Halwick (Mrs. Halwick) 5 comments 27 votes Answered
Delete Assignment Submissions Rachel Bailey 24 comments 54 votes None
Printable Rubrics Chris Clarke 12 comments 22 votes None
Show "LATE" in Student Grade Reports Mr. J MILLER 2 comments 33 votes None
Button to clear overdue assignments list DEREK CARTER 8 comments 24 votes None
Don't show past assignments as Overdue For Move-In Students Mr. J MILLER 7 comments 14 votes None
Sort Assignments by Due date Newest to Oldest - Student View Paul Schlangen 1 comment 15 votes None
Let Teachers see Parents' Last Login Mr. J MILLER 3 comments 22 votes None
Individually Assign Folders Erika Inka 17 comments 50 votes None
View Uploaded Assignment from the Gradebook Kristin Hawkins 0 comments 12 votes None
Printing Rubrics Jared Bagniewski 7 comments 30 votes None
Default to "Submissions Disabled" Ms. Weintraub 4 comments 20 votes None
Drawing or dragging in quiz/test questions. Candace Magraw 14 comments 22 votes None
Option to default "Disable Submissions" for Assignments Nadjib Aktouf 20 comments 52 votes None
Recurring Assignments Jenna Hacker 6 comments 29 votes None
Setting different availability TIMES for linked sections within one class Katie Colonel 14 comments 22 votes None
Why can't I print a rubric I create (or change size)????? Dan Martinelli 9 comments 35 votes Answered
Better feature request system Evan Mccullough 2 comments 18 votes None
Self-Paced Badges for Students Andrew Bauer 4 comments 12 votes None
Portfolio availability for the iOS app B Peterson 12 comments 41 votes None
Descriptions for All Materials William Illingworth 1 comment 13 votes None
Can you duplicate/copy a test question? ALLISON MARSH 14 comments 18 votes None
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