Copy calendar events! Mr. Hyatt 23 comments 36 votes None
Re-scoring in New Assessment due to mistake in answer key set up Terri Spartz 8 comments 35 votes None
Grading annotations - NEED ERASER! Mrs. Myers 10 comments 35 votes None
Gradebook Printouts Ted Kenseth 21 comments 35 votes None
Anonymous Comments for Discussion Threads Amy Vorwaller 25 comments 35 votes None
Ability to see a class average Julie Yoon 16 comments 35 votes None
3 Google Drive Assignment App Feature Requests Jen Jonson 12 comments 34 votes None
File Attachment Location MICHELLE ROSARIO 1 comment 34 votes None
Built In Drawing tool Stacy Smith 13 comments 34 votes None
Ability to import quizzes from Quizlet or Word files Julie Yoon 11 comments 34 votes None
Show "LATE" in Student Grade Reports Mr. J MILLER 2 comments 33 votes None
Can you move a Grade Column? Rick Biggerstaff 10 comments 33 votes None
Badges DANA SCHRADER 10 comments 33 votes None
Test Import Features Art Searle 18 comments 33 votes None
Keep the "Draw" feature enabled on the annotation tool bar Julie Yoon 24 comments 33 votes None
Student Journal feature Julie Yoon 25 comments 33 votes None
Past Due Assignments Lisa Gaynor 3 comments 32 votes None
Copy/Duplicating Assignments Katharine Ryer 13 comments 32 votes None
Recurring Assignments Jenna Hacker 6 comments 31 votes None
Grade report in ipad app needs help! Señor Vangel 6 comments 31 votes None
PLEASE increase the real estate for Google Assignment Submissions. Carrie Bush 4 comments 30 votes None
Save Assignment Settings as Defaults Melanie Zolnier 3 comments 30 votes None
Printing Rubrics Jared Bagniewski 7 comments 30 votes None
Link to Assignment from iPad (iOS) app Gradebook Paul Schlangen 1 comment 29 votes None
Click "Blue Page" to be taken directly to student submission from grade REPORT. Paul Schlangen 2 comments 29 votes None
Alternate row shading in gradebook Sean Gill 8 comments 29 votes None
Set Assignment Submissions Default Setting to "Off" Ted Sadtler 14 comments 29 votes None
Graphing Mrs. HOLBROOK 1 comment 29 votes None
Badges Deb Munis 6 comments 29 votes None
Checklist Ms. Chesser 29 comments 29 votes None
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