Limit Submissions on an Assignment Andrea Hunting 0 comments 2 votes None
Schoology App work with a Split Screen on iPad Andrea Hunting 0 comments 1 vote None
Drawing Tool Needed Kristina Nesbit 3 comments 4 votes None
New Assessment is not better than Quiz/Test tool yet Gloria Wood 11 comments 14 votes Planned
Student Completion Rules Josh Fleming 1 comment 1 vote None
Spell Check - on by default Josh Fleming 3 comments 15 votes None
Like-type questions from the South Carolina EOC to the new Assessments platform Adam Babcock 0 comments 2 votes None
Google Docs Integration and Grading Mr. Kirk 4 comments 8 votes None
Enacting completion folders in Resources Snowden Campbell 0 comments 1 vote None
Spell check should be automatic Snowden Campbell 2 comments 5 votes None
Pinned Post- Groups Mr. Aquino 1 comment 3 votes None
New Assessment Types-Exporting is a MUST Larissa Bray 1 comment 17 votes None
"View as Student" Should show all components Greg King 1 comment 4 votes None
Change student submission window Sarah Zurn 1 comment 1 vote None
student completion options THERESA MORGAN 0 comments 1 vote None
Incomplete exception MELISSA CURRAN 1 comment 5 votes None
Late exception flag MELISSA CURRAN 2 comments 13 votes None
Gradebook Export Print Feature Ryan Marks 0 comments 1 vote None
Make Individual Assignment Weight/Factor Visible to Students & Parents Ryan Marks 0 comments 1 vote None
24 hour military time Cody Passmore 0 comments 1 vote None
Assessments in Schoology Robert Stewart 0 comments 3 votes None
Schoology New Assessments David Kalk 9 comments 15 votes Answered
Re-submitted items filter Judith Hoffman 3 comments 6 votes None
Date Submitted Using the Google Assignment Feature Memory D'Agostino (Mrs. D) 5 comments 16 votes None
Student completion rules outside folders Ellen Harbour 0 comments 2 votes None
New Assessment Functions Bob Vierlinck 1 comment 0 votes Planned
Print Feature for Rubrics Ann Feldmann 0 comments 10 votes None
Fill Empty in gradebook Damon Brook 6 comments 5 votes None
Drag-n-Drop in Resource Areas Larissa Bray 1 comment 5 votes None
Label Image Question in New Assessment Mrs. Lord 2 comments 3 votes None
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