Add a reminder for re-submitted material Julie Yoon 34 comments 26 votes Completed
Eliminate Grading Scale Letter Popup Box in Gradebook Kim Nidy 50 comments 32 votes Completed
Google Classroom App Integration? KELLIE ADY 7 comments 40 votes Completed
Missing Assignment button in Grade Book Matt Boggs 7 comments 18 votes Completed
PLEASE allow a printing function for test/quizzes! Laura Schreiber 4 comments 20 votes Completed
Gradebook = Extra Credit Category Candy Wait 5 comments 18 votes Answered
Rich text editor buggy. Requesting software update. Nicholas Scheevel 2 comments 2 votes Completed
Parent Weekly Email - show current quarter grade Mrs. Lord 24 comments 18 votes Completed
direct upload link to turn in assignment Spiros Xydas 8 comments 20 votes Completed
Add Rich Text Editor to Student Discussion responses Clay Burell (Mr.) 4 comments 3 votes Completed
Integration with "locked down" browser for quizzes/tests Ms. Cohen 13 comments 39 votes Answered
Custom notification settings for groups Anna Otto 3 comments 2 votes Completed
Is anyone from Schoology reading these? Please create a PRINT TEST option Anina Karlovic 2 comments 2 votes Completed
PowerSchool Sync All Joe Wood 4 comments 14 votes None
Connecting sections together Nick Falde 3 comments 3 votes Completed
notification to students for late/missing assignments Mrs. Denney 105 comments 249 votes Completed
Folder Colors in Apps SHELLY TRAVER 7 comments 14 votes Completed
Integrate with EduCanon Anna Otto 11 comments 13 votes Answered
Ability to submit a link in the Assignment dropbox Julie Yoon 9 comments 10 votes Completed
Adding a feature to enable rubrics to be saved Mr. Wood 1 comment 1 vote Completed
Infinite Campus Mr. Schneider 4 comments 21 votes Completed
Insert Content Guides Needed Jason Kaiser 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Ability to grade and annotate assignments from the iOS app Julie Yoon 36 comments 84 votes Completed
Need the ability for teachers to annotate student work when submitted to dropbox on iPad. Melissa Hughes 6 comments 23 votes Completed
Inactive User Export/Import Russell Beauchemin 2 comments 1 vote Completed
A way to flag when a new revision is submitted. Elizabeth Suchanski 10 comments 11 votes Completed
Rubric saved with assignment. Karen Adams 2 comments 4 votes Completed
Random selection of test bank items for each student Julie Yoon 8 comments 10 votes Completed
The ability to enter grades for assignments done 'outside' of Schoology within the Gradebook Kris Lurz (iTS) 4 comments 2 votes Completed
discussion need rich editor added to it Jody Bisgrove (Miss) 1 comment 0 votes Completed
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