"Hide" Courses Imported From Student Information System Emily Marshall 11 comments 20 votes Answered
Make folders individually assignable Justin Larson 3 comments 10 votes Answered
Individually Assign Alyssa Chambers 2 comments 12 votes Answered
to better individualize assignments Richard K. Weems 3 comments 5 votes Answered
Integrate with EduCanon Anna Otto 11 comments 13 votes Answered
Total Points Mrs. Karla Rohde 10 comments 18 votes Answered
Integration with "locked down" browser for quizzes/tests Ms. Cohen 13 comments 39 votes Answered
Gradebook = Extra Credit Category Candy Wait 5 comments 18 votes Answered
Ability to give Extra Credit Julie Yoon 16 comments 37 votes Answered
"Safe Exam Browser" for tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 85 comments 212 votes Answered
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