Student Mastery Report Export and Print Option Jeffrey Mexia (Jeff) 9 comments 24 votes Completed
Add an excuse/incomplete function in the tests/quizzes Ivan Donadic 7 comments 24 votes None
Sharing Discussions Between Linked Sections Susan C. 2 comments 23 votes None
Student Activity Feed Improvements Paul Schlangen 4 comments 23 votes None
Mark Status in Gradebook - submitted Audrey Langley 13 comments 23 votes None
Support Discovery Education Integration Gilda Gearhart 15 comments 23 votes None
Missing Assignment notification Ryan Gray 10 comments 23 votes None
Transfer student and their grades from one course to another Lezlie Strolle 4 comments 23 votes None
Integrate Notability Heather Yee 18 comments 23 votes None
Can students use rich text editor for fill in the blank responses? Brendan Burns 17 comments 23 votes None
Need the ability for teachers to annotate student work when submitted to dropbox on iPad. Melissa Hughes 6 comments 23 votes Completed
Course drop down menu Mrs. Kubsch 10 comments 22 votes None
The Death of Flash Greg King 7 comments 22 votes None
Foreign Language Keyboard Terri Spartz 6 comments 22 votes None
Lock Feature Applied to Entire Folders Miss Gearty 7 comments 22 votes None
Printable Rubrics Chris Clarke 12 comments 22 votes None
Let Teachers see Parents' Last Login Mr. J MILLER 3 comments 22 votes None
Drawing or dragging in quiz/test questions. Candace Magraw 14 comments 22 votes None
Setting different availability TIMES for linked sections within one class Katie Colonel 14 comments 22 votes None
Set default Grading Period Melissa Hughes 7 comments 22 votes None
Can there please be a way to automatically put new materials at the TOP of the list instead of the bottom? Karen Newcomb 19 comments 22 votes None
Rubric Improvement Feature Requests Jen Jonson 11 comments 22 votes None
Google Calendar Import/connectivity/Link Mrs. Dooley 10 comments 22 votes Answered
updates - delay/schedule postings Mrs. Nevin 23 comments 22 votes None
Automated Badges Mr. STANERSON 14 comments 22 votes Answered
Workload Planning, Add "1 or more items" option... Matt Perreault 10 comments 22 votes None
Make corrections to Test/Quiz Matthew Darling 7 comments 22 votes None
Distinction between course admins and members Jennifer Barczyk 3 comments 21 votes None
Discussion post grading efficiency Dr. Pfau 6 comments 21 votes None
Deleting a Student Assignment Submission Mrs. Garcia 8 comments 21 votes None
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