Tests built from random subsets of a question bank Michael Brady 13 comments 12 votes Completed
Out of Feature in the Gradebook Barbara Plunkert 12 comments 5 votes None
iOS Screen Recorded Videos Justin DeLong 12 comments 4 votes Planned
Missing graph in View Stats for Test/Quiz feature Courtney Lowe 12 comments 1 vote Answered
Audio/Video in the "New" Assessments Jon Courtney 12 comments 43 votes None
3 Google Drive Assignment App Feature Requests Jen Jonson 12 comments 33 votes None
Missing Work Report Miss Gearty 12 comments 44 votes None
"Enable submissions" for different sections at different times Matt (NNHS Science) Anderson 12 comments 6 votes Answered
Duplicate Questions Using Random Generation on Tests Mrs. Miller 12 comments 0 votes Answered
Delete Assignment Submissions Rachel Bailey 12 comments 33 votes None
Printable Rubrics Chris Clarke 12 comments 22 votes None
Discussions in Linked Courses Susan Jones 12 comments 10 votes Answered
Error with Test/Quiz Tyler Crone 12 comments 1 vote Answered
We need the ability to have a master course to edit content. Troy Caddy 12 comments 19 votes Completed
Student Annotation Dustin Andrus 12 comments 27 votes None
Import test questions Diann Mazingo 12 comments 13 votes Answered
Missing Grades Katie Colonel 12 comments 19 votes None
Add Folders to Google Drive within Schoology Anna Otto 12 comments 17 votes None
Allow Admins to print report cards for students for each grading period. Josh Carver 12 comments 43 votes None
Shorter list of available assignments when studetns choose to "open in" schoology. Mr. Able 12 comments 13 votes None
Ability to sort by question in new assessments like in Test/Quiz ASHLEY BINGENHEIMER 11 comments 13 votes Planned
Google Assignment App in Resources? Babara Gordon 11 comments 1 vote Answered
Grade book sorted by student first name ALEC PIOTROWSKI 11 comments 14 votes Completed
Indexing on Topics in Schoology Uthra Ramaswamy 11 comments 17 votes None
Embed webpage within a Schoology page? using iframe? Mike Kurtyka 11 comments 0 votes Answered
Add a Child Sharon Bowler 11 comments 1 vote Answered
Order of Discussion Board posts Mrs. Moisan 11 comments 21 votes None
Default value for quiz points Matthew Daniels 11 comments 20 votes Completed
Major and minor assignments in workload planning Cameron Johnson 11 comments 15 votes None
Print student roster Cathleen Billig 11 comments 27 votes None
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