Integrate Notability Heather Yee 18 comments 23 votes None
Printing rubrics to send home/file Mr. Bortz 18 comments 69 votes None
Password-protected tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 18 comments 38 votes Completed
Printing an assessment Steve Larson 17 comments 26 votes Completed
AutoFill Feature for Rubrics Ms. Zidow 17 comments 24 votes None
Individually Assign Folders Erika Inka 17 comments 50 votes None
Grades and Assignments not showing up in Gradebook. Mr. Pimentel 17 comments 0 votes Answered
Badges for Groups James Rogers 17 comments 40 votes None
Can students use rich text editor for fill in the blank responses? Brendan Burns 17 comments 23 votes None
Evaluation form or Survey feature Julie Yoon 17 comments 56 votes None
Ability to hide the Overall grade column in the Gradebook Julie Yoon 17 comments 40 votes Completed
Multiple Choice Question Issue Michelle Link 16 comments 0 votes None
Black out screenshots in iOS app Jason Hank 16 comments 38 votes None
Text to Speech Option JAMES ELLIS 16 comments 11 votes None
Screen Clip / Capture directly into Schoology. CALEB LEE 16 comments 17 votes None
Student Annotations Mr. Sundquist 16 comments 49 votes None
quiz is unavailable Eduardo Gonzalez 16 comments 3 votes Answered
How to pronounce schoology? Zeeshan Mehmood 16 comments 0 votes Answered
Ability to see a class average Julie Yoon 16 comments 35 votes None
Ability to give Extra Credit Julie Yoon 16 comments 37 votes Answered
Error Message Using Google Doc Assignment Link Wes Solomon 15 comments 2 votes None
NEW Interface - Reorder Courses and Groups? Alexandra Hancock 15 comments 5 votes Completed
Support Discovery Education Integration Gilda Gearhart 15 comments 23 votes None
Assignment Submission Filtering Brian Curtin 15 comments 21 votes None
Assign Folders in Grading Groups Cathy Baune 15 comments 42 votes None
Ability to Curve Mr. Vasquez 15 comments 36 votes None
Ability to share Rubrics Julie Yoon 15 comments 28 votes Completed
Print-version of tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 15 comments 30 votes Completed
Set Assignment Submissions Default Setting to "Off" Ted Sadtler 14 comments 28 votes None
Get notified when student submits an assignment that has been marked as missing. Paul Schlangen 14 comments 121 votes None
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