We need the ability to have a master course to edit content. Troy Caddy (4803797) 12 comments 19 votes Completed
Grade book sorted by student first name ALEC PIOTROWSKI 11 comments 14 votes Completed
Default value for quiz points Matthew Daniels 11 comments 20 votes Completed
Ability to use Standards in the Gradebook Julie Yoon 11 comments 9 votes Completed
Folders: Individually assign DANA SCHRADER 10 comments 34 votes Completed
A way to flag when a new revision is submitted. Elizabeth Suchanski 10 comments 11 votes Completed
Random selection of test bank items for each student Julie Yoon 10 comments 10 votes Completed
Inserting Equations on Schoology Tests and Quizzes Craig Erickson 9 comments 3 votes Completed
Equation editor is not working Dr. Engel 9 comments 1 vote Completed
Rearrange order of groups Dave Allen 9 comments 18 votes Completed
Printing Assessments Deb McMullen 9 comments 19 votes Completed
Test/Quizzes - Cheating Ryan Armes 9 comments 13 votes Completed
Student Mastery Report Export and Print Option Jeffrey Mexia (Jeff) 9 comments 25 votes Completed
Copy Individual Rubrics to Courses Bethany Hawkins 9 comments 10 votes Completed
Ability to submit a link in the Assignment dropbox Julie Yoon 9 comments 9 votes Completed
My students can't open the links in their course Rusty Tannant 8 comments 0 votes Completed
Duplicate/Copy Quiz Question Stacy Smith 8 comments 15 votes Completed
direct upload link to turn in assignment Spiros Xydas 8 comments 22 votes Completed
iOS Notification Badges BJ Thaman 8 comments 18 votes Completed
View Average Grade for a Category Aimee Tolentino 8 comments 16 votes Completed
Need the ability for teachers to annotate student work when submitted to dropbox on iPad. Melissa Hughes (5324927) 8 comments 23 votes Completed
Ability to Print using New Assessments Richard (student) Hung (student) 7 comments 14 votes Completed
Missing features of assessment Profe Olson 7 comments 20 votes Completed
Review Results by Question Fred Reimer 7 comments 20 votes Completed
Test/Quiz - Password COLLEEN PHILLIPS 7 comments 38 votes Completed
Category Grades Christopher EARTHTREE 7 comments 17 votes Completed
Folder Colors in Apps SHELLY TRAVER 7 comments 14 votes Completed
Google Classroom App Integration? KELLIE ADY 7 comments 40 votes Completed
Missing Assignment button in Grade Book Matt Boggs 7 comments 18 votes Completed
Rich text editor for Updates? KELLIE ADY 7 comments 6 votes Completed
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