"Safe Exam Browser" for tests/quizzes Julie Yoon 85 comments 212 votes Answered
Please mark the incorrect parts in Assessments without displaying the correct answers. Professor SAN MIGUEL 49 comments 81 votes Answered
Why can't I print a rubric I create (or change size)????? Dan Martinelli 9 comments 38 votes Answered
Integration with "locked down" browser for quizzes/tests Ms. Cohen 13 comments 38 votes Answered
Ability to give Extra Credit Julie Yoon 16 comments 37 votes Answered
Rubric Printing Angela Halwick (Mrs. Halwick) 5 comments 30 votes Answered
"Hide" Courses Imported From Student Information System Emily Marshall 11 comments 20 votes Answered
submit work FOR students Dr. Kucinski 7 comments 19 votes Answered
Total Points Mrs. Karla Rohde 10 comments 18 votes Answered
Gradebook = Extra Credit Category Candy Wait 5 comments 18 votes Answered
can I assign multiple rubrics to the same assignment or quiz? Christy Flack 9 comments 17 votes Answered
Google Assignment Issues JOHANNA OSHAROW 6 comments 16 votes Answered
Schoology New Assessments David Kalk 9 comments 16 votes Answered
can I default a zero for work not submitted ? Jim Murray 3 comments 14 votes Answered
Integrate with EduCanon Anna Otto 11 comments 13 votes Answered
Individually Assign Alyssa Chambers 2 comments 12 votes Answered
Make folders individually assignable Justin Larson 3 comments 10 votes Answered
Copy Google Assignment in "Copy to Courses" Mme KINSEL 2 comments 9 votes Answered
New assessment question bank Jennifer Rice 18 comments 8 votes Answered
Undo button in gradebook Ms. Hwang 6 comments 8 votes Answered
Downloadable Sticky Note Comments Meg Parker 16 comments 8 votes Answered
Ability to Delete a Sent Message Thread Leah Jordano-Kudalis 9 comments 7 votes Answered
to better individualize assignments Richard K. Weems 3 comments 5 votes Answered
Bulk Edit Sorting Ms. POGUE 4 comments 4 votes Answered
Workload Planner Kevin Bechdel 3 comments 3 votes Answered
Private Access Only Kim Bappe 11 comments 2 votes Answered
Filter out zeros when viewing statistics on assignments Mr. Griest 3 comments 2 votes Answered
Please keep the Quiz feature, the assessment replacement is very limiting Christopher Chiang 1 comment 2 votes Answered
Adding a co-teacher for Google App Assignments Brooke Hall 1 comment 2 votes Answered
Course Page Simplify Mr. Thompson 1 comment 2 votes Answered
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