Students can't see my comments on their test/quiz? Kennan Poulakos 4 comments 0 votes Answered
Automatic generation of emails based on missing assignments Julie Yoon 15 comments 51 votes Completed
Ability to provide comments for each question in new Assessments Richard (student) Hung (student) 24 comments 51 votes None
Pass/Fail Calculations on numerical assignments. Mr. Pearl 2 comments 2 votes None
Publish/Unpublish Leslie Dethlefsen 1 comment 1 vote None
Feature Request -= Feedback in Assessments or Tests/Quizzes Brian Cook 5 comments 6 votes None
Notification for teacher when student's view feedback Katie Siemer 2 comments 5 votes None
Immediate Feedback for New Assessments Mrs. Jones 1 comment 3 votes None
Sync with SIS system Gaby White 2 comments 3 votes None
More Data from Assessments! Russell Waites 0 comments 0 votes None
add the ability to embed content (especially videos) in Discussion posts Colin Bridgewater 3 comments 3 votes None
Google Calendar Sync Jeff Brock 29 comments 56 votes None
deleted threads Fatoumatta Sawaneh 3 comments 0 votes Answered
Schedule an update/poll/assignment/event David Ayliffe 49 comments 138 votes None
Analytics Paul O'Neill 1 comment 1 vote None
Accepting a range of answers Mr. Gill 5 comments 10 votes None
Delete account Erik G 1 comment 0 votes Answered
co- teacher as admin in Schoology class Bonnie Brindle 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Stamps for Assignment Submissions C Podolski 0 comments 0 votes None
Private Access Only Kim Bappe 4 comments 2 votes Answered
My students can't open the links in their course Rusty Tannant 6 comments 0 votes Completed
Out of Feature in the Gradebook Barbara Plunkert 13 comments 8 votes None
Set default Grading Period Melissa Hughes 8 comments 23 votes None
New idea: Messages student Search Rhys Taylor 9 comments 14 votes None
Google Drive assignment - past due date Michelle Bloom-Scheff 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Badges in Groups Lindsay Shehan 4 comments 21 votes None
Workload Planning for Calendar Events Kathleen Ader 0 comments 1 vote None
Force Submit in Google Assignments Ashley Davis 1 comment 3 votes None
locking a grade column Pat Hayes (69173775) 5 comments 0 votes None
Leave a course without asking for permission Edgar Ruiz Valdivia 9 comments 74 votes None
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