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Audio comments


There are a number of issues with audio comments on submissions. 

  • When leaving audio comments, whether on an iPad or computer, the recording screen blocks the view of the student's submission, so I can't see what I am trying to comment on. I end up having to open each submission on two different devices every time I want to give feedback!
  • When recording audio on an iPad, if I accidentally tap anywhere outside the recording box, my recording is deleted forever. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to chuck my iPad at a wall after this happens.
  • When students open their audio comments on an iPad, the entire screen is blacked out while they listen to the audio, so they can't actually see their submission and any annotations on it that I refer to in the audio comment. They have to just remember what I said and then compare it to their submission? They need to be able to see their submission and reference it while they listen to the feedback.

PLEASE take this feedback seriously and consider fixing these issues!!!!! I'm honestly considering just using Mote on Google Docs from now on because it works so much better.



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