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Unlimited Attempts in Assessments


Tests/Quizzes allow for unlimited attempts, but Assessments only allow for a maximum of 20. The unlimited attempts option is crucial for the math classes at my middle school as they use it for nightly homework. Students are given the opportunity to submit their homework as often as they'd like. Many of the students will start by completing all of the practice problems and then go back and work on only the questions they got wrong. Instead of retyping all of their answers, they will only answer the question they are working on until they get it right. Once they have figured out all (or most) of their answers, they will submit their homework one last time for their final score. Since this process often takes quite a few submissions (depending on the student) and it's not necessary to limit the number of submissions, it's frustrating that Assessments does not offer an unlimited attempts option. My math teachers have said that they will not use the Assessment feature (which has way better question types and math tools) until it has an unlimited attempts option. Please add this feature!



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