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Adding to the grading "icons" visible in Schoology gradebook


Right now, the Schoology gradebook has 3 icons that teachers can use to mark different assignments. These three icons are "excused", "incomplete", and "missing". 

Please add the two icons:

"Collected" (could be a check mark- similar to Unified Classroom check mark)

"Late"- different than "missing"

The icons also function oddly- you can't put in a number grade while having an icon selected. In a classroom, sometimes a teacher will want to give both an "icon" and a numerical grade to give additional feedback to a student. Please change how these work- we would be able to select an icon and give additional feedback. 


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    Andy McKee

    This is one of the worst parts of the Schoology Gradebook. Why would I want Missing to count as zero ALWAYS?  Why wouldn't I want to get notified when a student turned in Missing work or resubmitted Incomplete work? Why is there no Collected exception? Why can't I create my own indicators that I could type in instead of numbers?  It just boggles the mind.

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