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changed states and schools and the previous does not support schoology questions


My parent account is still connected with our old school. I need to be able to use schoology with our new school. After reaching out to the old, no one knows how to remove my kid. They are looking into seeing if his google email account is still active. I'd also like to be able to use my same email account and not have to start over with a new account and email to resolve the situation.  Help!


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    Nina Rivera

    Hi  Amy, 

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    The System Admins at your old school should be able to remove your child from their Schoology if he no longer attends that school. They can mark him inactive by following the instructions in this Help Guide

    If they continue to experience difficulty with deleting you and your child's account, we suggest submitting a ticket with the Schoology Help Desk!  They will be able to collect your information and take a closer look into this issue for you. 


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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