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Attach an assignment to a message


I  want to write a message to everyone in my course (can do) and attach an assignment that I refer to in the message to the message (can't do). This would be SOOOO helpful in particular when I am absent and there is a sub, I can send a message to students saying ok I'm absent here is your assignment for the day and they can easily access when the sub is there and not have to worry about having the sub give them instructions. Usually I make a special assignment when I have a sub, rather than use my usual format for day to day, so I want it to be so simple for students to find it. It would also help if I am messaging students about something they are missing to attach it for them to cut down on the activation energy needed for them to actually attempt the assignment. Please help add this!!


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    Ms Kelso

    You can attach a link to your assignment within updates. Right click the assignment, get the URL and add this as a link in your message. Your students can click to gain access easily - just a workaround.

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