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Hide modules and lock order of progression



I wanted to know if there is a way to force students to work in the order of each module and within each module?

ie. Need to complete all of Module 1 before starting Module 2.. And within each module working in order 1.00.  1.01, 1.02. 1.03 etc. ?

Thank you in advance for any help 



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    Paritosh Tyagi Official comment

    Hi David,

    Thank you for posting your question in the Schoology Community.

    You can lock the order of progression and hide the modules before the students complete the previous ones by setting the Student Completion rule to the folder in which you have organized your resources/modules.

    This article will give you detailed information on the Student Completion rule setup. You can also review this video on Student Completion.

    Please let me know in case of further questions.

    Paritosh Tyagi, Schoology team

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    David Slavin

    Thank you again for your assistance. I have another related question, if I set the Student completion order for  Module, can still set the due dates? A colleague stated that she could not. thx again

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    Paritosh Tyagi

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your response.

    The due date for a module cannot be added or edited once the Student Completion rule has been assigned to it. This is a great idea for a feature request, I will move this post to the Feature Ideas Forum for our development team to review this.

    Paritosh Tyagi, Schoology team

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