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My submitted assignments are gone.


Our school started this week and there were several assignments that were given to the students. 

I finished all the assignments and successfully submitted them. 

No assignments were left out overdue. 

However, today I found out that all the submissions were deleted and all the assignments that I already finished became overdue. 

I have been using Schoology for years and this kind of issue has never happened till today. 

Is there a way to recover the assignments or the server? 

Or should I do all these assignments again?? I wrote the answers on the Schoology document so there is no way for me to recover them by myself. 


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    Muskan Sehar

    Hi Min,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Schoology Community!

    You will want to reach out to your instructor who should be able to restore the deleted assignments from the recycle bin.

    Muskan Sehar, Schoology Team.

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