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Publish a folder without publishing everything in it


I would love for there to be a feature that allows a user to import a folder from Resources and have the folder published but not everything in it. It is time-consuming for teachers to publish the folder and have top unpublish every individual item in it. 



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    Paritosh Tyagi Official comment

    Hi Don,

    Thank you for participating in the Schoology Community.
    Once you publish a folder everything inside it gets published by default as per the designed behavior. You can bulk publish/unpublish the materials under that folder by following the listed steps
    1. Go to the desired course where you are publishing the folder.
    2. Click on the Gradebook under Course options.
    3. Click on the three dots (ellipsis) on the top right corner of your screen and select Bulk Edit.
    4. Now, you can publish/unpublish the folder materials in bulk by selecting the checkbox next to them.

    Note: In order to use ''Bulk Edit'' for a material make sure that the material has the grading enabled.
    Paritosh Tyagi, Schoology team
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    Mrs. Lengyel
    THere is a way to do this using the edit folder option (instead of publish/unpublish).  Start by fully unpublishing the folder.  Then click the gear next to the folder, then click edit, then at the bottom there is an "availability" option.  Choose "published".  When you do so, a check box appears that you can uncheck so that it will keep everything in the folder unpublished.

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