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File Name Being converted to Web address on iPad


I am hoping someone know why or how this changed.  I am working with many teachers who have students download a pdf file from schoology to use in notability.  Schoology is changing the file name at download to the web address. This was not an issue at the beginning of the school year and seems to be a new problem.   This does not happen on chromebooks. 

For example 

File Name 5th Grade Module 5 Lesson 1 

downloaded file  https/api.schoology.comv1attachment1608969272sourceda9f5d1513c54...


The problem is that out grade 3-5 students are having a hard time finding the right files because they all look the same in their list of files.  Is there a way to fix this or revert back to having it download the actual file name like it used to. 



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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi Kari,

    We’ve reported this issue to our Engineering team with a priority of Moderate Impact. This means that we understand downloading attachments in the Schoology app (including sending to external applications such as Notability) is not working fully as intended, but prioritization of this issue is weighted against more urgent issues and other features we are developing. As a workaround, you should not experience the file names changing when using a mobile or web browser.

    Please let us know if there is new information about this issue that might change the priority. If it can be included in a larger scope of work or the priority changes because we missed something from you or hear back from other Schoology customers about this issue, we’ll let you know.

    Otherwise, you’ll receive an update from us via this thread when the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product

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    Mr. Craddock

    This has been an issue since January and since the newest iOS.  How is this not a higher priority?  This is very difficult for students to arrange their files and know what they are.  

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    Kari Thicksten

    Agreed - only our younger students (grades 3-5) have iPads and they struggle with finding files and/or trying to rename them.  It is becoming a disservice to our SPED and EL students. 

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    Mr. Casbarian

    I completely agree with Mr. Craddock that this should be a pretty big priority.  This is not a request for new features on Schoology.  It's a bug that didn't exist in the fall and exists now.  I remember that this occurred in the past 2-3 years with Schoology and they were able to fix it pretty quickly.

    Schoology is one of the best products on the market because it continues to develop and improve.  Having file names not change when you download them from Schoology to Notability is pretty important to all teachers who use iPads in class.

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