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Downloadable Course Analytics & View Course Analytics by Marking Period


I love the Course Analytics feature, but I wish there was a way to get a full downloadable PDF report on all the material types or directly send an email to a parent on a student's access to your class and assignments. This would greatly help teachers because then they could just download that PDF report and send it to the parent. The parent would be able to know that the teacher has the documentation that states a student did or did not turn in the work, when and if it was turned it, along with the other information that Course Analytics provides.

It would also help teachers by serving as documentation and reasoning of the grade that a student received. As a teacher you can receive emails from parents stating that the child has said that they completed all the work, but in Schoology and on Course Analytics it says otherwise. There needs to be an easier way to get the Course Analytics information in a PDF or downloadable format. Oher than copying the page, which does not copy right into a Word document, already tried. Or having to right click "Print" and "Save as a PDF" and then having to save multiple pages as a PDF; due to the material types not being able to be shown all at one time.

Another thing would be having the Course Analytics page, allow you to view based on the marking period. Currently you have to look at all assignments from all marking periods. If there was something similar to the dropdown that is provided for the material type which allowed you to select the marking period. This would help both the teacher and the parent. If the teacher has to show the parent the Course Analytics page for their child, it show everything from the whole semester/year that has or has not been completed. It would greatly keep confusion down about assignments because you would only be shown the assignments during a specific time period.



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