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Feature idea: Mark missing assignments without a submission.


I would really like to see an option in Gradebook to mark assignments without a submission missing.  I know you can mark all that are not scored as missing, but it would be great to have something for a temporary mark to show students that they didn't submit and that it's missing. 



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    Steve Dockter

    In the grade book if you click on the flag in the bottom left corner of the students box where the grade would go is where you can mark it missing.  I just did that for a handful of my students who had not submitted anything.

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    Karl Jacobsen

    Sorry,  I should clarify.  I meant on a whole assignment scale.  You can choose "mark assignments without a score as missing"  but that doesn't help if you don't enter a score.  If they have submitted an assignment it will still mark it as missing if it is not scored.  But, I want a quick way to enter missing for those that don't have a submission.  

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