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I already lock assignments (for my English classes) as I create them individually, but I also teach a developmental guidance/STEAM class (two sections) that rotates within a nine weeks. Students essentially have two teachers and learn about two different subjects in that time, although nothing changes on their end as far as accessing assignments/grades--the "course" tile is the same for them all year.

What I would like to be able to do is lock all of the assignments before the students start with the new teacher, who then becomes responsible for adding assignments and maintaining grades. I want to prevent students from being able submit work to me after they've "switched," and I've received other classes myself.

I realize now that i could've set the assignment to lock (when I initially created it) at the end of the four weeks, but didn't think to do that at the time. t would be great if this could be done now, in one place with one "click," without my having to go into each assignment for both classes and changing that setting myself.

As the class itself is only four weeks long, I don't want to have the assignments lock under the same conditions as they do for my English classes, but it would be great to lock the assignments at the end of the class. Or, for those times when I forget to lock assignments, to be able to lock them at one time later.



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    It would be great to be able to lock assignments from the Bulk Edit page in the grade book. Also, I have noticed that the lock does not work at all on Google Drive Assignments. With Kami assignments, the student can open the assignment, work on it, turn it in through Kami, and only then will then get a message that the assignment has been locked. 


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