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When downloading CVS grades, the grade shown under TOTAL POINTS drops all decimal points


When I download the grades as CSV there is a total points column with no decimal points. The grades have not been rounded up or down, the numbers below 1 are simply omitted.

The students are shown grade averages on schoology determined using total points including decimals.

If I use my downloaded grades to compute my total points, the grades do not agree with what the students see in the gradebook.

These are numbers of a current student I have in schoology:

Total Points: 226.73 out of 325 possible points (She sees a grade online of 69.76%)

I download the gradebook and see 226 points out of 325 possible points. ( I compute her grade as 69.538%)

If I change the GRADE SETTING to Round Period/ Final Grades,  It still downloads total points with the decimals cut off, however, it is worse because the student sees her score as 227 out of 325 (The computer shows her a grade of 70%)

When I tell her that she is not passing, she does not understand what I am talking about.

Is there a way to download the grades accurately including the decimal points?


Is there a way to make the grade shown reflect the points downloaded?




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