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How do I get notified after I enter a 0 for a grade of a student submission?


One frustration that I have is not truly knowing when a late assignment is turned in after I give the student a 0.  Yes it shows up in the bell icon, but once you click on that bell icon once, the count starts over and many times I will forget.  Plus there are days where I have 200+ submissions in one day.  I would love all submissions to show up in the Reminders section.  Right now I have 20 ungraded submissions, but below it or added into that count I would love any submissions.  That way I would know that these (normally very late) assignments have been turned in and I should go look at them to grade.



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    Hi all,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    The ability for teachers to mark materials as submitted is currently on our Product Roadmap

    Teachers will have a way to manually indicate that a material has been completed by a student, whether a score is required for that material or not.

    I recommend following our Product Roadmap to stay up to date on this feature and its release. 



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    This is a feature I thought was available to check in the gradebook, I no longer see it. I would love to be able to see late work after a "0" grade for missing assignments.

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