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Grading period resets


The default grading period for my courses (and many other teachers) is the 1st semester, but our classes are all quarter based. I have gone into the "Grade Setup" and unchecked the semester option, and selected the quarter options, and saved my changes. The changes take effect immediately, but then reset overnight. I believe this might be related to Schoology syncing with our SIS. I do not have access to the "behind the scenes" settings of our SIS, but I looked through it with an administrator, but couldn't find anything. Is there an administrative-level setting that I can forward to our IT department, or is there another step I can take? Thank you. 



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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi John,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Because you are using the Enterprise version of Schoology, I recommend reaching out to your designated Support Contact(s) to help you submit a ticket. This will help our team consolidate all related requests from your organization, better prioritize, and prevent redundancies. Your Support Contact(s) will also have better knowledge of the specific settings employed at your organization that can aid in troubleshooting.

    You can find your Support Contact(s) by clicking Support in the footer of your Schoology account.


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    Thank you Nina. I have reached out to those listed, and they are also working on this issue, to no avail. I was hoping someone in the community would be able to help. 

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