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Editing Question Banks


Why is it not possible to edit a question in the question bank and it not then be updated in any quizzes that may have the question included? 

This is very cumbersome to go back and find any quiz that was created and edit any mistypes or incorrect answers.  The entire purpose of a quiz bank is to have everything done in one location.

Why do created quizzes not pool from any new questions added to a question bank?

All of this is possible as LMS systems such as Moodle do it.  



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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Do you have the "Enable Question Tracking Feature" enabled? 

    When a question bank has the Enable Question Tracking feature enabled, the question will become locked once you use it in at least one test/quiz. You will not be able to edit the question within the bank or within the Test/Quiz. This feature helps guarantee accurate tracking of questions used in tests/quizzes.

    If not, please let me know and I will be happy to take a closer look into this issue. 


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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    Tracking the question is not an issue.  

    The issue is that the purpose of a question bank is to be able to edit questions and to create more questions over time. Then saved quizzes in resources could be used from year to year with the new questions being used. And the quizzes would pull from all of the questions that have been created up to date.

    This is how most question banks and random questioning works in most software programs.

    The way your "banks" work is that when you create a quiz/test from the bank, it automatically copies the current questions to the current quiz.

    If you add questions to the question bank at a later time, they will not be used in that quiz. Also, if you have a bank of questions used in multiple courses and an error was made in the creation of a question and you must go to every single quiz that you have built and edit that question. This nullifies the purpose of a question bank.

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