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I have a teacher who created a timed assessment for her students.  A few of the students she would like to 'Un-submit' their assessment so they can redo some questions.  However, for  the students who went a few minutes past the set time limit, there is no option to un-submit' their assessment.  See screenshot.  Changing the time limit on the assessment doesn't seem to change anything, I guess because the assessments were already submitted by the students.  As a work around, I suggested the teacher change the number of attempts to 2 to allow those students to re-take it.  Is there another step that I am missing that would have allowed the teacher to un-submit the assessments of those that went over the time limit?




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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi, Ms. Robinson,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Currently, when a student goes over the timed limit and then submits, the unsubmit option is not available. Our team has confirmed this is not intended behavior.

    We have reported this issue to the engineering team for further review. Once a release is fixed, we will update you via this thread.  As a workaround, you can perform one of the following steps:

    1- Change the number of attempts for the assessment and give them another go at it. 

    2- Change the number of attempts and individually assign the assessment to the 3 students: How do I Individually Assign Course Materials?

    3- Print out the questions the students were unable to finish and have them take the remaining parts of the assessment by hand, then manually update the gradebook in Schoology. 

    Please let me know if you have any further questions! 


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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    Jamie Doup

    We are having this problem as well.  Thank you for looking into it.  We have been making do with the suggestions you offered, but these all create more work for both myself and my students as they cannot see which questions they already answered.  I have to then grade both versions of the test to cross reference what they were missing the first time around.

    Is there a way to print out a students completed test so they can just fill in the unanswered questions by hand until the glitch is fixed?

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    Ms. Robinson

    From what I've read, there is no print option within Schoology to print specific student assessments (just the blank assessment itself,) but you can use the print function in the browser to print a student assessment with the answers.  Doesn't come out as neatly formatted, but it does the job.

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    Ms. Crawford

    @ Nina, 


    Is there an update as to when this will be fixed? As many of us are still virtual teaching printing the test out and giving in person is not an option. Giving the student a whole new attempt causing such a pain for grading especially if the test is a pretty in depth test and a student only have 1-2 questions left at the end. Is there an ETA when we can expect this glitch to be fixed? 


    Thank you so much, 



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