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Setting for Blank Grades in gradebook - final calculation


Our SIS gradebook allows for blank grades in the gradebook to be calculated as zeros in the quarter grade. In order to have that calculation appear in Schoology, the assignment must be marked missing and the student receives a 0. This can send the wrong message to students that the 0 is final and can not be submitted... but the assignment must be marked this way in order for our Schoology gradebook and our SIS gradebook to match. If we leave blank grades excused in our SIS as Schoology treats them, the students are lead to believe that their submission is not making a negative impact on their grade.


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    Brandi Swavely

    Here's part of why this is important. The parent email digest (which many secondary parents will rely on) does NOT show missing assignments - they show only overdue assignments. Per Schoology Support for Parent Email Digest:

    • Overdue items marked as Excused or Missing are not included in Overdue Submissions.

    I understand Excused not being part of the parent digest, but Missing means Missing - the work isn't there and this flag should be an indicator that they have time to submit it but it's not turned in. Students and Parents should also be aware of what the marking period grade would look like with this missing assignment remaining unsubmitted.

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