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Assessment Item Bank: "Oops! Page Not Found"


A teacher in my Group developed several banks of questions but when any of us in the group (including him) try to see them we find that we get this error screen: 



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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi all,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Currently, the intended behavior is only Group Admins can see Assessment templates that are in a Group's shared resources.   As a work around, you can make members Group Admins for them to view the content. 

    If you would like non- Group admins to view Assessment templates in a Group's shared resources, it is considered a feature request. 

    This post will be moved over to the Feature Ideas forum so that others can find and upvote this idea in the future.


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    Kimara Webb

    I am having the same problem. I copied an item bank from my resources to my group's resources. I can open my copy from my resources, but when I try to open the item bank copied to the group resources, I get the "Oops! Page Not Found" page. Have you found a way to resolve this issue?

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    Kazuyoshi Iritani

    we also have the similar issue. When uploading PDF file, we cannot download it using the Down Arrow button placed top right of the material. Even uploading different files, the issue happens again. This will give students troubles downloading files onto their Desktop. Please let us know how to fix this problem.

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    This same error message started to appear for me recently for me as well.  I export word documents as PDFs and then post them for my students.  I can no longer use the Down Arrow button at the top right to download this file to a laptop or a iPad.  Yet if I go back to older documents from earlier in the year I can still use that Down Arrow button effectively.  What gives? 

    Any suggestions?  I'm currently emailing them to myself and downloading them from my email - highly inefficient.  If my students start having this problem my class will come to a screeching halt.  Is there another way/place to download them?

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    Help Desk

    @Kazuyoshi Iritani & @Mr. Campbell


    We've also been experiencing this issue at my job. It seems that this recently started happening to a lot of users. Until a solution is provided by Schoology, here's a workaround I found in the meantime.

    While downloading the file from within the iFrame (using the Download Button - "down arrow") seems to be malfunctioning right now, you can still download the file directly by finding the link directly under the iFrame:



    Clicking on that link should download the file directly to your computer. 


    I'm not sure why this started happening all of a sudden, but Schoology needs to get on it or there are going to be a lot of angry and confused students, teachers, and parents.

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