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Tabbed Pages in Courses for Linked Sections


I believe it would be beneficial to allow Pages to have separate tabs for each section in a linked section.

We are trying to use an inline page to be the starting point for students when they arrive at the course. However, in linked sections, there are times where instructions or links may not be relevant for each class. Therefore we either need to make multiple pages or include separate links or instructions for each period. The extra pages makes the course look messy for the instructor and the extra instructions opens the possibility for more error by students, especially the young ones.

The idea would be that each student would only see the "tab" of the page that is meant for them. The teacher would only have one page, but could toggle to the different pages as needed. 




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    Heather Yee (IndYee)

    Please include the ability to duplicate a tab, so we can customize for each section and don't have to recreate it on each tab.

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