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Google Drive Assignment - Student unable to submit

I am an instructional coach for ELA 4th and 5th grade and a teachers reached out and said that "None of my kids were able to submit their digital notebook (google drive assignments) so I could grade their writing. They kept getting error messages today and yesterday. Is this a fluke or should they not submit?" 
I am attaching a screenshot of the error message and as an Admin on their course I can't even open the notebook because I get the same error message. 
Any ideas?

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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi Alyse,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty with this issue. 

    The Google Drive Assignments App leverages the permission-sharing capabilities of Google Drive. A student copy of the assigned document is created when a student opens an assignment using the Google Drive Assignments App. This copy is only shared with the instructor who created the assignment and the student who opens it.

    Sometimes, errors can occur for students using this workflow because:

    • -A student attempts to view a file and discovers they no longer have access. A Google account and/or privileges had previously given them access to the file, but now they are using a different Google account and cannot access it.
    • -A student attempts to view a file and discovers they no longer have access. They are logged into Schoology but are not actually logged into a Google account.

    These errors can be resolved by logging out of the Google Drive Assignments App and logging back in.

    Here's a Help Guide with more information on how to perform a force logout. 

    Please let me know if the issue continues to persist after following the troubleshooting steps above.


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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