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"Randomly" selected questions from Question Banks



In order to make each of my student's quizzes different, I have been using the "Random Questions" feature.  For every problem on my quiz, I make a question bank of three slightly different versions and then have the quiz randomly select one of the three.

The issue I am having though, is that the quiz seems to always select the same numbered problem from each question bank... for example, if it randomly selects the first question in the question bank for a problem, then it also selects the first question from every other questions bank throughout the entire quiz!  I would like for the quiz to do a random selection for every single question bank (otherwise, many of the quizzes end up being exactly the same!).

Is there a way to change this or is this just the way the "random" question selector works?  Any insight you can provide would be very helpful!




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    Nina Lewis Official comment

    Hi Ricky,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Did you use the Auto-Select feature when selecting the random questions?  If so, all students in the course receive the same set of questions. Here's a Help Guide with more information on this process. 

    If you continue to experience difficulty with this issue, please let me know. I will be happy to take a closer look.


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    Ricky Ohashi

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks for your response!  No, I used the Random Questions feature (Add Question > From Question Banks > Random Questions). 

    In the tests that I create, I set up problem banks for each test question and then have the test randomly select a question for each (see below)...

    I would like for it to randomly select a question from each question bank so that students will have different quizzes.  What I have found though, is that it might randomly select a question from the first bank, but every selected question from the following question banks is based on that first pick!  For example, if the quiz picks the first question from the first question bank, it will pick the first question in every question bank throughout the entire quiz.  This kind of defeats the point of using the random questions, since it will create exactly two different quizzes (because I have two different versions of each question).

    Is this the way that the random question selector is set up to work?  Or am I setting this up wrong?  Any help would be very much appreciated!  Thank you!


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