Feature Ideas

Features Needed


I would like to see:

1)  Ability to open right to grades.

2)  Change a grade right from the student data page.

3)  Eliminate the need for constant scrolling up and down and sideways.

4)  Highlight a student and locking the highlighted student so I can check stuff.

5)  Ability to search a student by name across ALL courses.

6)  Ability to see a quiz and grade it just like a "paper" one.

7)  Why do I need to see a quiz by "question"?  

8)  Enlarge the Google Doc/Schoology window.  I can't see the comments and/or the entire page.  Makes it a nightmare to grade.

9)  Please talk to teachers of ALL grade levels...and subjects.  We are all not created equal and we do not teach the same content or use the same grading methods.

I can go on and on, but Schoology is causing a lot of anxiety for me on it's cumbersome and not teacher friendly interface.



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