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Display comments to student automatically-no clicking


Please make comments displayed to students automatically as the default.  I often forget to click it and wonder why students have not retaken a test, resubmitted an assignment, or fixed their work.  The clicking "display to student" is an unnecessary and time consuming step.  Possibly make that option as "Don't display to student"

Possibly this could be a course setting option where you have comments displayed automatically.   

During remote learning, this is the easiest way to communicate with students because they can see it in their grade book.  They respond very well to the feature.  

Please save us from this extra click. :)  


Thank you!



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    Charissa Pretto-Huie

    It would also be helpful to add comments to their assignment from the student's individual data page.  

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    Ms. McKay

    This is a feature that teachers have been begging for for YEARS.  If teachers reading this have the time, please search for and upvote every one of the requests.

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