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Blue dot on any new submissions/update quiz grades in grade book


I use the quiz feature a lot because it is the easiest/quickest way to see everyone's responses.


However, I am not notified to override a submission in the gradebook if it is a quiz that requires manual grading.  If a student took it again or took it after it was marked as missing, the gradebook does not alert me like it does with the automatically graded quizzes.  I would like the little blue dot to appear on any new submissions.  

I have also had some issues overriding the grade in the gradebook on the manually graded quizzes.  If I go into the results of the quiz and put in a grade in the results section, it does not automatically show up in the grade book. If I go and delete missing mark in the grade book, the grade still does not show up.  I need to open the quiz, go to the student, and override the grade there.  This is an unnecessary long process.  

Please make it so when you change the grade in the results/view by question that the gradebook is updated accordingly without having to go to the view as student.



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