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Notification on Retake or Resubmission


I like the blue dot on the quizzes in the grade book, that alerts me that I need to update a grade. However, this only happens for quizzes that are automatically graded.  Without going into the assignment or quiz there is no way of quick viewing if I have materials to grade/regrade.  


It would be very helpful, to have that blue dot or some notification to alert me on the quizzes that have been taken again that need to be manually graded.  The notification should be there if a quiz is pending review.  Otherwise, I do not know unless I open up each quiz individually. I have 180 students and 7 classes.  The gradebook needs to alert me when a quiz is pending review.   This will help me stay on top of grades which will help keep students and parents informed on their current status in class.  


When a student resubmits an assignment, it looks no different in the grade book.  I know I can see it on reminders.  However, that is only helpful if the assignment is not marked as missing. Once the assignment is marked as missing, I am not alerted to any submissions of any types(exception automatic grading of quizzes has blue dot).  Possibly the gradebook can show how many submissions a student has made, or the page icon can have a blue dot on it that shows there has been another submission that needs to be reviewed.  




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