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Get notified when student submits an assignment that has been marked as missing.

When an assignment is marked as missing in the gradebook, the assignment gets a score of zero and gets the little orange hexagon in the score cell.
This is good, but the unfortunate thing is that when that student submits an assignment, the teacher does not get notified that the assignment has been submitted and needs to be graded since the zero is technically a grade.
I'd like to have a notification setting created for assignments that were marked as missing as well as a notification setting just for past due submissions. 

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    Mrs. Corsa

    This is so important. Also, once assignments are marked missing, they no longer appear as overdue for students or parents. So marking work as missing makes it harder for the student to find and then make it up. There is no good way to show the impact of a missing assignment on the grade while also tracking whether the work is coming in.

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