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Hello there

Greetings from Kuwait

This is a non-related topic to the thread but since the schoology support is not responding to my report, might as well try here if someone can respond. Its been 18 days since I submitted a ticket about this.

There's a dummy account (student) that is not a part of our school that posted inappropriate info's in his/her blog. This account could be related to the troll that invades our student's online meetings in zoom and in google meet. This troll invades the meetings, uses the mic to confuse and troll students and teachers and sometimes, sharing obscene videos on his/her video feed to the class. One time our grade school students were at a meeting in google meet. In google meet anyone can share their screens. This troll showed a sex scandal. The school wants to remove this account, and also trace its I.P. Address so that we can report this to our authorities here in Kuwait. Attached is the troll's account.

Thank you 

Hoping for your kind response

Michael Jan Lansangan


Philippine International English School Kuwait


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    Kathleen Reilly Official comment

    Hi Michael, 

    Thank you for bringing this urgent issue to our attention. The team has followed up with you in support ticket #455026 and will continue correspondence there. 


    Kathleen Reilly

    Manager, Technical Support

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